Islamic Republic of Iran rail derails subsequently power shovel collision, kills 13

DUBAI, Thirteen Lives 2022 Film Online Stream Deutsch Zusehen June 8 (Reuters) – Baker’s dozen citizenry died when a rider wagon train derailed in eastern Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday, the semi-functionary Fars news show bureau said, spell 60 passengers were seriously injured.

The check travel to the metropolis of Yazd collided with an digger earlier sledding off the rails 50 km (30 miles) from the urban center of Tabas, where it began its journey, a railway administrative unit told posit intelligence bureau IRNA.

«Five ambulances are at the accident scene and another 12 are on their way,» the crisis management boss of the state of In the south Khorasan told the federal agency.

(Reportage by Dubai Newsroom, editing by Michael Georgy)

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