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Results OF Varying SHUTTER Velocity


ISO – the measure of a digital digital camera sensors

– sensitivity to gentle

– a better number signifies increased sensitivity

– This is usually expressed as a range,

– e.g. ISO one hundred – 1600.

– A better sensitivity permits us to take footage

– in low light with out using flash

– Increased ISO causes more «noise» than lower


At the most fundamental stage, a digital camera makes a document of light. When you photograph a scene, mild mirrored by the scene hits your camera’s lens. The lens bends the light and redirects it to the recording medium. In a movie digital camera, that medium is a strip of chemically handled plastic. In a digital digicam, menciptakan foto yang menarik it is an electronic sensor.

A bimetallic strip design works on the same precept, besides that as an alternative of energizing an electromagnet, the excessive present bends a thin strip to move the linkage. Some circuit breakers use an explosive cost to throw the change. When present rises above a sure level, it ignites explosive material, which drives a piston to open the switch.

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