Elon Musk says Twitter Blue users should be able to pay with Dogecoin

That’s already paid dividends for CloneX holders, who earlier this year were airdropped mystery boxes that ended up containing virtual Nike sneakers — some of which have sold for five figures. CloneX is likely to be around for a while: Nike, in an effort to plant its foot squarely in the metaverse, bought RTFKT in December 2021.

The unit is tasked with protecting investors in crypto markets and against cyberthreats. The unit will grow to 50 people with the new positions. 

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission is adding 20 more positions to the newly renamed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit (formerly the Cyber Unit), the commission said Tuesday.

Professional sports leagues and teams, including the National Basketball Association and Germany’s Bundesliga, have piled into the sector to generate new revenue streams from paying fans and investors.

‘The golf collection with BRADY™ is one that I am extremely proud of and is a natural extension of my life beyond the football field,’ said Brady in a statement. ‘Each piece is designed and developed with the golfer’s needs in mind.’

«I don’t call them workers. I never imagined that I could earn this kind of money.»

I just call them my friends, or my scholars,» she said. «The salary in the Philippines if you’re a teacher … I’m a college graduate, I’m an educator, but it’s not enough.

Each metaverse has its own way to allure users. Influenced by Minecraft, Sandbox gives people extensive tools for crafting items, building homes and even creating games. Sandbox leans into gamification. A closed beta took place in October. The marketplace for virtual property, like a yacht that sold for $650,000, is already open to all. 

Decentraland operates like a simulator, where you create an avatar and socialize with others in simulacrums of real-life environments. An open beta is expected soon. Unlike Decentraland, Sandbox isn’t accessible to the general public yet.

Popular cryptocurrency Luna lost its pegging to the dollar this week, falling below $1 per coin, causing prices to drop dramatically as the industry panicked (similar to a run on a bank).

Public key: This allows you to receive crypto transactions to your crypto wallet and is paired with a private key.

Anyone can send transactions to your public key so you can freely share it without worrying.

An explosion jolted Alex Bornyakov from his sleep at 6 a.m. one morning in late February as Russia invaded Ukraine. Over the next two days, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation endured a marathon of sirens, shellings and stretches in bomb shelters in Kyiv, the capital.

Senator Elizabeth Warren last week wrote to pension fund Fidelity questioning the «appropriateness» of its decision to add bitcoin to its 401(k) retirement plan options due to crypto’s «significant risks of fraud, theft, and loss.»

In Axie Infinity, users buy virtual blob-like creatures with varying attributes as NFTs, or non-fungible use tokens for fundraising – digital assets whose owner is recorded on the blockchain – for anything from tens of dollars to hundreds of thousands.

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